Editor's Note May 2021

In our April issue, we covered Hong Kong’s firm position as an international arbitration hub. This month, our Cover Story, features the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority in which he shares his experiences so far and plans ahead as the leader of the city’s central banking institution. Readers can very fairly deduce from the article that besides arbitration, Hong Kong’s status as a leading international finance center is also in safe hands. In an insightful conversation with the Hong Kong Lawyer, Yue elaborated on the challenges the HKMA has faced so far and how the institution has emerged stronger than ever with plenty of lessons and tools to preserve Hong Kong’s position in the financial world.

Finance, securities, and wealth are also at the heart of all three of our features this month. Our first two features in the area of Securities Law cover important developments relevant to the legal profession in light of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange’s disciplinary regime in August last year and an analysis of H Share full circulation from a practical aspect respectively. Our third feature deals with money from a more private perspective, focusing on family trusts, especially amongst wealthy Chinese families who often form a large part of the client pool for our readers.

As the “new normal” increasingly becomes a part of our lives, our Practice Management piece shares seven predictions of a post Covid-19 legal world, covering key forecasts in working styles, pricing, employment and the use of technology. Companies and individuals worldwide are enduring this challenging period and transforming in ways they never needed to before. Keeping up with this theme of growth and progress, our Lawyers at Leisure piece focuses on symbols of change, or metamorphosis, butterflies, and the pleasure and challenges that entail photographing them.


In the March 2021 issue of the Hong Kong Lawyer, the “Industry Insights” article titled “Insurance group-wide supervision framework to commence on 29 March 2021” was inaccurately translated into Chinese. The correct version of the article is available online on the Hong Kong Lawyer website, and any inconvenience caused is regretted.