Editor's Note November 2018

I am excited to commence my tenure as the Lead Editor of Hong Kong Lawyer. I look forward to sharing information and industry insights that will not only keep our readers informed but will also establish this journal as the go-to publication for legal professionals in the region.

To this month’s issue, then: For the cover story, I spoke to Norman Chan, chief executive of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, on how financial technology is impacting the lives of all Hong Kongers in the way they live as well as in how they do business.

Needless to see, the legal industry is not immune from its impact, and lawyers need to bring themselves up to speed on this technology very quickly. I hope you will find his insights on how fintech has developed so far – and where it will go from here - to be inspiring and informative.

Building on the cover story, our first feature explores regulatory challenges brought about by distributed ledger technologies. The author provides insights and useful suggestions to the policy approach that regulators should take with these fast-emerging technologies.

In the second feature, the author shares his views on how the introduction of preliminary issues assists the court in identifying the size of the family pot for division of assets on divorce. And the third feature explores the issue of whether directors of a losing party can be made personally liable for costs incurred by a successful party.

In the Lawyers at Leisure section, Eric Tang shares his passion for trail running. A marathon seems a distant goal for many people, but not for Tang, who has achieved so much more. His passion for long-distance running has taken him to some of the most remote yet spectacular places on earth, where he completes ultra-long-distance races, or races of more than 100 kilometres in length.

Although long-distance races like this causes pain and suffering, Tang says that he finds the experience extremely rewarding. He shares how, during these races, he is humbled by nature, which helps him reflect on himself, and also inspires him to become a better person. Long-distance running may not be a sport that is suitable for everyone, but I am sure Tang’s story will inspire you all the same.

I hope you enjoy the issue!

Anthony Wong
Lead Editor, Hong Kong Lawyer
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Lead Editor, The Hong Kong Lawyer