Editor's Note Sept 2020

The recently implemented national security law in Hong Kong appears to be a popular topic not only in Hong Kong but overseas as well. The President’s Message discusses some of the common concerns of the public in connection with the legislation that might need to be addressed.

The ongoing COVID-19 outbreak has had some impact on the legal sector. Analysing data can generally reveal insights as well as impact. Accordingly, From the Secretariat offers statistics and makes a comparison between last year and this year in relation to the number of registered foreign lawyers; the number of admissions as Hong Kong solicitors via the overseas lawyers qualification route; the number of registered foreign law firms; etc.

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Finally, having a déjà vu, all good things must come to an end - this will be my last issue as Lead Editor of Hong Kong Lawyer. I am grateful to have had an inspiringly large audience, and I hope in return we have kept you entertained and well informed.

Navin G. Ahuja
Editor, Hong Kong Lawyer
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Lead Legal Editor, Hong Kong Lawyer