Editor's Note Sept 2021

The Law Society of Hong Kong, a 114-year-old establishment, is no stranger in the legal industry. Playing both a regulatory and representative role, the organisation governs and maintains the practice of solicitors and law firms but also serves as a bridge between solicitors and the government, the public and international legal communities. If law is the backbone of any functioning society, it is unsurprising that the various duties, functions, and initiatives of The Law Society are more than just law related. When needed, they can be social, as demonstrated by the society’s range of flagship community projects and when required, the organisation also takes on the role of providing administrative support, by responding to government consultations on different issues from a legal perspective. Our cover story this month comes face-to-face with the first and only female President of this iconic organisation as she shares highlights and thoughts on her recently completed tenure. Please note that the titles of the Council Members, President and Vice-President in this issue all refer to those that were elected before the most recent election.

Next month, October, is Mental Health Awareness month and to prepare you for it, our first feature deals with a particularly tricky position for the Mental Health Courts – when the best interests of a mentally incapacitated person and his/her own wishes (before losing mental capacity) do not seem to coincide. Our second feature explores wildlife protection in Hong Kong, mapping out changes in both the laws surrounding it and the values of society in this area. Our third feature, penned by the city’s Secretary for Justice, demystifies common qualms about the National Security Law and shares how prosperity and stability can be maintained via the existing legal framework.

In our Lawyers at Leisure section, we learn about a cycling enthusiast who particularly enjoys the rush and thrill of cycling on roads. Our Practice Management piece this month goes into the details of what a “new normal” for law firms may look like, in the short, medium, and long-term.