Editor's Note: September 2017

Do you know the real reasons why lawyers and staff are leaving your firm? Do they want a better work-life balance? Or maybe they just aren’t cut out for the job? Should you care about the real reasons why people are leaving?

The business justification for conducting exit interviews is to learn and improve any systematic, organisational or interpersonal issues that may be adversely impacting your firm. On the softer side, exit interviews are a great way to demonstrate to all lawyers that your firm cares about them, their experience and making the firm a better place. Collecting exit interview information from departing lawyers is a good way to ensure law firm leaders are informed about what is happening at their firm. For tips to help you establish and get the most out of an “exit interview” process, check out the Practice Management article.

Elsewhere in the September issue, the FinTech feature examines recent actions taken by US regulators that pose myriad possible legal consequences for virtual currency businesses operating in Hong Kong and the Mainland. The Insurance feature outlines how solicitors and market participants can be proactive in addressing the necessary changes brought about by the new insurance regulatory regime, as the new Insurance Authority formally took over from the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance as the industry’s regulatory body in late June 2017.

Also included is the Practice Skills article, which examines whether the meaning of the construct “and/or” is really as clear as it is often assumed to be and whether it is a good idea to use it when drafting pleadings or other legal documents. The President’s Message provides a timely and in-depth critique of the Hong Kong Government’s proposal to introduce new legislation to more stringently combat money laundering and better align the jurisdiction’s laws with worldwide regulations promulgated by the Financial Action Task Force.

Ending on a lighter note, the Leisure section features an interview with Mark Roberts, a lawyer-turned-painter, who speaks about his passion for painting with watercolours and his decision to pursue a second career as a professional artist after leaving the law.

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