Gourmet Trip to Barcelona 2015
Event date: 
1 July 2015

In July 2015, the Law Society Cookery, Food and Wine Appreciation Group took a fascinating gourmet trip to Barcelona, a city of sunshine and sea breeze.

Welcome Dinner

Our amazing tour began with a private-kitchen dinner, hosted by two top Spanish chefs. As soon as we arrived at their house, we were ushered to their chic garden where we were greeted with cocktails. We then moved to their dining room, next to their open kitchen, where we enjoyed an eight-course modern Spanish dinner with a South American touch.

The chefs wow-ed us as they prepared a variety of inventive dishes before our eyes – Jerusalem artichoke purée with orange reduction, an egg with truffle cooked at 64°C and a wonderful turbot with sweet chestnuts and mushrooms.

After dinner, we transformed the dining room into a live music hall. A member showcased her piano skills by playing several all-time classics, which eventually evolved into a Spanish Cantata with the chefs and staff!

Cooking Classes

To deepen our understanding of Spanish cuisine during our stay, we also attended a three-day cooking class, where we learned about Traditional Spanish Cooking, Molecular Cooking and Dessert Making under the guidance of Chef Fatima Gismero and Chef Alfonso Tomassoni. At the end of the course, we were all awarded certificates.

Michelin Night

The highlight of this trip was our dinner at an impeccable contemporary-style restaurant that has earned two Michelin stars since it was founded in January 2006. It is led by Chef Martin Berasategui, who holds more Michelin stars than any other Spanish chef (ie, 7 stars). The aromas and flavours of every dish were an infusion of his gastronomic vision on Basque cuisine.

The eight-course tasting menu was tailor-made for us. One of the more interesting plates we received soon after being seated was one containing five different kinds of butter (beetroot, mushroom, spinach, tomato and regular butter) that spanned the colours of the rainbow.

Even with all of the inventive cuisine we tried, this fantastic dinner would not have been the same without cava! With glasses of the bubbling drink on the house, we certainly enjoyed the warm hospitality.

Flamenco Class

We thought our trip would be incomplete without Spanish Flamenco dancing, so we attended an hour-long beginner’s class at the beachfront Civic Centre of Barceloneta. Even though we may not have perfected the dance itself, our effort sure counts!

For those who are interested to know more about our Gourmet Trip. Please contact group convenor, Mr. Nick Chan (Nick.Chan@SquirePB.com).

Looking forward

Members of the Cookery, Food and Wine Appreciation Group have already commenced with planning of our 2016 trip to Vietnam. Please contact Mr. Nick Chan, if you would like to learn more or join us!

David Ting
Member of Cookery, Food & Wine Appreciation Group