Government Consultation on Voyeurism and Related Sexual Offences

The Law Society received a Government consultation paper on the “Proposed Introduction of Offences of Voyeurism, Intimate Prying, Non-consensual Photography of Intimate Parts, and Related Offences”. This consultation follows an earlier report by the Law Reform Commission on Voyeurism and Non-consensual Upskirt published in April 2019. The Government now proposes to introduce new offences of voyeurism and non-consensual photography of intimate parts. It also sets out its proposal for other new offences on intimate prying and the distribution of intimate and related images. In the Law Society’s submission in response to the Consultation, we agree that a new specific offence of voyeurism should be introduced, which should also address the offence of taking upskirt photograph. In addition, we have also identified issues that call for clarifications. The above views were set out in a detailed submission which is available at the website: