Kwong Chi Ho (鄺志豪) (“Respondent”), Former Sole Practitioner of Messrs. Raymond Kwong & Co., Solicitors

Principle 6.04 of the Hong Kong Solicitors’ Guide to Professional Conduct Volume 1 (3rd Edition) (“Guide”)

Rule 2(d) of the Solicitors’ Practice Rules, Cap 159H (“SPR”)

Statement of Findings and Order: 29 January 2021

This matter was disposed on paper in lieu of hearing.

Having considered the Respondent’s plea of guilty to the complaint and admission to all the facts of the case, the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal (“Tribunal”) found the following complaint against the Respondent proved:


Breach of Principle 6.04 of the Guide in that the Respondent failed to answer fully and promptly or at all inquiries from the Law Society concerning his professional conduct and explain his conduct when required to do so, and such conduct also compromised or impaired or was likely to compromise or impair his own reputation or the reputation of the profession in breach of rule 2(d) of the SPR.

The Tribunal ordered that the Respondent:

  1. be censured;
  2. be fined HK$15,000.00; and
  3. to pay in full and forthwith the fixed costs of the Applicant and the Tribunal Clerk respectively as summarily assessed by the Tribunal.

Ms. Anita Chan, Assistant In-House Prosecutor of the Law Society, the Applicant

The Respondent acting in person

Mr. Hui Man Kit Patrick, Clerk to the Tribunal

Tribunal Members:

Mrs. Cheung Po-yee Peggy, JP (Chairlady)

Mr. Chiu Chi-wai Alan

Mr. Fung Hei-wai Tommy