Lawyer Athletes Receiving Commendation for Outstanding Sportsmanship
Event date: 
17 May 2021

In recognition of those members who have demonstrated excellent sportsmanship, the Recreation and Sports Committee ("RSC") has been presenting Outstanding Performance Awards to lawyer athletes since 2013.

As the presentation ceremony for the 2019/20 award was cancelled owing to the pandemic, the 2019/20 and 2020/21 awardees celebrated the happy moment together in this year's ceremony on 17 May which was broadcast live to members via the video-conferencing platform. The awardees are: 


Year of award

Reasons for conferring award

Ms Crystal KOO


For her exceptional aquatic talent and being a key member of the Law Society Swimming Team

Ms Eliza CHANG


In recognition of the remarkable achievements of the team of three in organising and completing the 2020 Rule of Law Swimming Marathon in September 2020, being the first all Hong Kong relay team to swim across the English Channel, and their dedication to promoting the rule of law through their extraordinary sportsmanship as well as raising fund for underprivileged children and those with disabilities to learn swimming.

Mr Allen CHE


Mr Eugene WONG


During the ceremony, Eliza, Allen and Eugene also shared how they conquered the strenuous task of swimming between England and France and the charitable cause behind the feat.

If you missed the event, please visit the Law Society's dedicated Facebook page "疫境同行" for the video recording of the online ceremony.