Recent Publications

  • “Saving Competition in Hong Kong’s Aviation Market” in Air & Space Law (Wolters Kluwer) by Professor Jae Woon LEE. Full article:

  • “Analysis of Third-Party Funding within the Islamic Framework” in Transnational Dispute Management by CUHK LAW PhD student Can EKEN. Abstract:

  • “Are U.S.-Listed Chinese Firms a Minefield? A Board Perspective” in The International Lawyer (2021) by Professor Chao XI and CUHK LAW PhD student Yurong HUANG. Full article:

  • “The wrong vaccine: custody time limits and loss of liberty during Covid-19” in Legal Studies (Cambridge University Press) by Professor Luke MARSH. Full article:

  • “Clandestine Awards, Information Asymmetries, and Equality of Arms in Investment Arbitration” in Journal of Dispute Resolution (2021) Issue 2 by Professor Fernando DIAS SIMÕES. Full article:

  • “Temperature Targets and State Obligations on the Mitigation of Climate Change” in Journal of Environmental Law by Professor Benoit MAYER. Full article:

  • “Cooperative Compliance for Individuals and Trusts: A Proposal for a Compliance Passport” in Journal of Tax Administration co-authored by Professor Noam NOKED. Full article: