Seminar on Bilingual Legal Drafting in Plain Language

Event date:

From left: Ms. Emma Wong, Mr. Gilbert Mo, and Mr. Henry Chan

The Department of Justice (“DoJ”) and the Law Society jointly organised a CPD seminar on the topic “Bilingual Legal Drafting in Plain Language – a Law Drafter's Perspective” on 24 November 2021 at the Function Hall of Justice Place. The seminar was well attended by around 50 participants including young practitioners and trainee solicitors who are interested in the work of law drafting.

At the seminar, Mr. Gilbert Mo, Deputy Law Draftsman, and Ms. Emma Wong and Mr. Henry Chan, both Senior Assistant Law Draftsmen, of the Law Drafting Division of DoJ provided an introduction to plain language drafting and some practical techniques for drafting in plain English and Chinese. The speakers also shared with the participants the important role played by law drafters in DoJ in the legislative process.