Webinar on Hong Kong Legal Cloud

As set out in the Policy Address 2020, with a view to keeping pace with global changes and manifesting Hong Kong’s capacity in the area of LawTech, the Department of Justice (DoJ) is tasked to actively explore the development of Hong Kong Legal Cloud, an advanced and user-friendly online facility situated in Hong Kong, for the local legal and dispute resolution sector.

On 1 April, the DoJ and the Law Society co-organised a Webinar on Hong Kong Legal Cloud to introduce the facility. Over 150 Law Society members and representatives from other professional bodies and IT service providers attended the webinar to share their expectations and needs for the development of the Hong Kong Legal Cloud.

In her keynote speech, Teresa Cheng, The Honorable Secretary for Justice, shared with the participants the latest development of the Hong Kong Legal Cloud. Following the recent announcement by the DoJ, a sum of around HK$15.7 million, being the Hong Kong Legal Cloud Fund, will be provided for such development by selected non-profit-making NGOs through public-private partnership. The facility aims to provide secured, quick and affordable storage of and access to files and information for the entire legal and dispute resolution profession, including mediators and arbitrators in Hong Kong.

Following an informative briefing on cloud technology by IT consultant Mr. Raymond Ngai, Ms. Careen Wong, Mrs. Cecilia Wong, Ms. Elaine Lo and Mr. Edward Liu joined Vice-President Amirali Nasir in a panel discussion to exchange views on the adoption of cloud technology in the legal industry, from the perspective of SME law firms, mediators, transactional lawyers and arbitrators. The webinar was concluded by a short sharing by President Melissa Pang.

The Honorable Secretary for Justice, Teresa Cheng

Thumbs up from our speakers and panellists.

Webinar on Hong Kong Legal Cloud in action.