Webinar on the Latest Development in LawTech and Enhancement of Online Dispute Resolution Platform by eBRAM

On 29 March, the Law Society organised a webinar with the eBRAM International Online Dispute Resolution Centre Limited (“eBRAM”) to introduce the latest development and enhancement on online dispute resolution technology and how technology could assist law firms in their daily practice.

The webinar was delivered by Mr. Daniel Lam, Chief Executive Officer and Mr. Lawrence Tam, Chief Technology Officer of eBRAM, who shared with members the details of the COVID-19 Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) Scheme and the technological tools developed by eBRAM, including online dispute resolution platform, web-based video conferencing platform and the real time e-signing platform.

Representatives of eBRAM introducing their online dispute resolution platform to the participants.

Mr. Ip Shing Hing, Chairperson of the Working Party for SME Firms and Ms Careen Wong, Council member and Vice-Chairperson of the Working Party were the moderators.