Yeong Yun Hong Gary (Respondent)

Rule 2(a), (c) and (d) of the Solicitors’ Practice Rules (“SPR”)

Date of the Findings and Order: 20 September 2019

On 16 July 2019, the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal (“Tribunal”) found the following complaint against the Respondent proved on his own admission:

The Complaint

The Respondent, formerly a solicitor of Messrs. Yeong & Co., engaged in conduct which compromised or impaired or was likely to compromise or impair his independence or integrity, his duty to act in the best interests of his clients and his own reputation or the reputation of the profession in breach of Rule 2(a), (c) and (d) of the SPR in that the Respondent was convicted of 25 counts of champerty in DCCC216/2013, contrary to common law and punishable under section 101I of the Criminal Procedure Ordinance Cap 221 after trial and was sentenced to 15 months’ imprisonment for each charge, with the sentences to run concurrently and suspended for 24 months. On 25 November 2014, the Court of Appeal in CAAR 3/2014 allowed the Department of Justice’s application to review the sentence and the original sentence was set aside and substituted with concurrent terms of 3 years and 2 months’ imprisonment.

The Respondent’s application for leave to appeal to the Court of Final Appeal in FAMC 76/2014 was dismissed on 21 May 2015.

The Tribunal ordered that:

1. the Respondent be struck off from the Roll of Solicitors; and
2. the costs of the Law Society and the Clerk to the Tribunal be paid within 21 days of the order.


Ms. Anita Chan, Assistant In-House Prosecutor of the Law Society of Hong Kong for the Applicant

Mr. Kumar Ramanathan, S.C., instructed by Messrs. Chow & Ho, Solicitors for the Respondent

Mr. Hui Man Kit, Patrick of Messrs. Kenneth Sit, Clerk to the Tribunal


Tribunal Members:

Ms. Wong Yuen Hang Kelly (Chairperson)

Mr. Charles William Allen

Dr. Anthony K H Tyen